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Flush-It Septic Energizer -1 Pound BULK

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Price: $72.00
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Packaged in a packaged in a polyethylene jar, 1 Pound of product, just FLUSH-IT® and forget it.

● Rejuvenate Septic Tanks and Bio-dead Leach Fields
● Are safe, help the environment, and easy to use
● Remove foul-smelling odors
● Liquefy and digest solid organic matter
● Biodegrade pollutants other products can’t touch
● Help keep drains and pipes clean
● Digest paper and vegetable matter
● Are natural and are surfactant-free
● Produce their own enzymes as they digest pollutants
● Double in numbers every 20 minutes if food and water are present
● Cost pennies a day to prevent and resolve septic system problems
● Reduce frequency of pumping

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